Women in Mobility — A video interview with Dr. Nilofer Christensen, COO of Chargetrip ⚡

Dr. Nilofer Christensen, is the COO at Chargetrip, a company which builds a smart mobility platform for electric cars. She is Australian by identity, Indian by heritage and now lives in Amsterdam where she spent many years working for Tom Tom and also has 2 young boys who keep her fit. Superwoman! 

Niloo has been in mobility for most of her career after stumbling into some cartography and mapping subjects at university by chance, which she loved and then went on to study Geomatic Engineering. Location technology is really key to everything in mobility!

We chatted about the importance of the female voice, diversity, the best bits of working in the sector, the future of the industry and her advice to those ready to join it!

Top Takeaways 

Technology reflects on the people who actually build it, so if we want to have equality, diversity, inclusion in the technology we need to make sure the people building it share those values. 

Women make up more than 50% of the population, but we don’t have the same numbers reflected in the companies building these technologies. We need to bring that equality and make sure the companies we are building have that same demographics as the population!

Why is mobility cool? Minimal legacy software, everything is new & cutting edge… You can move fast, adopt new technologies and solve problems that no one has solved before. 

Looking for a career in mobility? 

Niloo’s advice: build your network, be proactive and be bold! 

Niloo is passionate about building a diverse company, and in line with that more women! “We still have a long way to go in terms of what we want to achieve in terms of equality” but they are pushing towards the point they can be a role model for diversity in startups, and I have no doubt at all that they will succeed!

Posted by: Brightsmith Recruitment