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Who we are

Sustainability underpins everything we do. We’re a relationship-focused executive talent provider within Sustainability and Cleantech. We represent companies and individuals who are passionate about providing a sustainable future through strategic change and innovation.

At Brightsmith, we want to do things in the right way.  We have a strong sense of the kind of company we want to be and we are working hard to achieve this.  We want to have a positive impact in making a difference in both our industry and the sectors we recruit within.

We have an underpinning belief that personal relationships are the most important factor in attracting and developing talent. Whilst our focus is around technology and innovation, our approach is ethical and human, and has a sense of purpose.

We believe we have a responsibility to embrace the technological changes in our sector, whilst maintaining a human-centred approach where our work is relationship driven and purposeful.

In an industry that demands cutting-edge technical skills, Brightsmith provides the human element.  We foster deep and meaningful relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.  Our job is not to simply find individuals with a set of skills, but to support and help to grow a wider community with a shared sense of purpose, and to catalyse its growth through connecting the talented people and organisations within it.