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Our B Corp Journey

Brightsmith is thrilled to announce a significant achievement – we are now officially a certified B Corporation™. This accomplishment underscores our steadfast dedication to purpose-driven business practices, uniting us with a global network of companies committed to fostering positive change in society and the environment.
Our journey to B Corp™ certification is a dynamic narrative, shaped by our relentless pursuit of meaningful impact. Rooted in a deep sense of social responsibility, we've redefined workplace norms to prioritise our team's well-being and put people above profits. This ethos isn't just policy; it's woven into the fabric of Brightsmith's culture.
We started this process in February 2023 as a way to solidify our company's commitment to the environment. Our journey involves conscientious efforts to minimise our ecological footprint, mitigate waste, and consistently make environmentally responsible choices. Sustainability isn't a mere checkbox; it's an ongoing commitment to nurturing our shared planet.
Through rigorous B Impact Assessments™ and a commitment to continuous improvement, we embrace scrutiny as a catalyst for upholding the exacting standards of B Corp certification. The assessment is known to be very thorough, and while it was certainly a rigorous process, we're proud to have achieved above-average results for our industry.
Being a B Corp transcends our internal operations; it's about catalysing positive change in our broader community. We actively engage with and support local initiatives, reflecting our dedication to addressing social and environmental challenges beyond our business sphere. We are proud to be supporters of local charities and feel privileged to be able to give back in the ways that we have. We have hosted an internship for under-resourced young people in our local borough, we have hosted a coat drive for those experiencing homelessness as well as creating care boxes to distribute via a local shelter.
This certification marks the culmination of collective effort over the past 12 months. We extend heartfelt gratitude to our community who've championed us on this path. At Brightsmith, we believe in the power of business as a force for good®, and our B Corp certification amplifies this conviction.