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Our Story

Founded in London in 2019, brightsmith was the vision of Tommy Bright and Adam Smith; who were shortly after joined by brightsmith's third Founder, Jenny Gladman. Jenny, like Tommy and Adam, knew it was time to make a difference and strive for a greener, cleaner, more sustainable future for the planet!

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, we expanded our presence, opening 2 offices in the US, and building our global team to 15 people, all of whom share the passion, belief and purpose which were the inital building blocks of brightsmith.

Together, we are playing our part in building a more sustainble future, through identifying, attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent within the Cleantech industry.

We endeavour to offer the best customer experience for sustainability and cleantech recruitment. We partner with organisations who are equally passionate about creating a cleaner future through technology and innovation: the Thought Leaders and Game Changers within this space, who truly believe in a cleaner tomorrow.

With innovation at our core, we work to create an environment where we nurture and develop our own talent to allow us to cultivate yours. Sustainable inside and out.