Women in Mobility — A video interview with Carla Detrieux, Business Development Manager of Volta Trucks 🌱

Volta is on a mission to become the safest, and most sustainable truck company in the world! Carla has also been passionate about design and automotive, and loves organisations and solutions that accelerate the clean transition, so joining Volta Trucks was a no brainer.
We chatted about moving into the mobility sector, the diversity within it, cleaner and greener tech and the future of Volta Trucks…

Top Takeaways

🌱 Every person in an organisation should be empowered and we should work to maximise everyone’s contribution. Diversity in a company enables it to reach its full potential.
🌱 The best product without the best service is nothing — customer experience is key!
🌱 The Volta Zero will be piloted on the roads of the UK & France very soon, so keep an eye out for this spectacular truck.

Want to leap into mobility?

Carla’s advice: Be confident, work hard and be adaptable! The more transferable skills you acquire, the more likely you’ll be able to adapt and move across different sectors and departments.
Carla is certainly someone who has taken her own advice — new country, new company, new role and acing it!! I was lucky enough to sneak a peek at the truck before the launch, but can’t wait to spot one on the streets!

Thank you, Carla, for allowing us to share your story. 💚
Posted by: Brightsmith Recruitment