Women in Mobility β€” A video interview with Jillian Kowalchuk, Founder & CEO of Safe & The City 🌍

Jillian moved from Vancouver to London and after a bad experience following the ‘fastest route’ and not the ‘safest route’ on Google Maps she started to think around solutions that could potentially address often ‘invisible’ problem.
“We can’t walk in everyone’s shoes but we can use technology to engage them in a solution to design safer spaces”. She began looking at how can we use people’s experiences and perceptions to help shape the cities and mobility sector for everybody’s benefit.

Top takeaways
🌍 Why is it important to increase the number of women in mobility? We can’t design solutions for experiences that we’ve never had!
🌍 Safe & The City are crowdfunding on the ‘Crowdfunder’ platformas part of the Mayor of London’s ‘Pay It Forward’ Bounce Back Fund, in under to support charities and nonprofits with access to much needed safety information.
🌍 Jillian’s advice for people considering a career in mobility: Follow your passion! Changes in sustainability, equality and the green agenda mean it’s a really exciting place to make your mark.

A little more about the Safe & The City mission
Safe & The City is on a mission to make cities safer. Their mobile app has helped thousands of people get home safe and made it easier than ever to report harassment. That data now helps law enforcement, businesses and NGOs take action.

They want to go one step further and help charities, by providing access to a dashboard, rich in data and insights, which will enable them to create real impact and influence culture, behaviour and policy.

Thank you Jillian for allowing us to share your incredible story, and thank you also for building such an amazing business which has and will continue to impact so many people in a positive way. πŸ’š
Posted by: Brightsmith Recruitment