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Women in Mobility β€” A snapshot of the video interview with Georgia Yexley, Head of Growth at Beryl 🚲

Georgia joined Beryl just over a year ago, and the fit was perfect. She is a passionate supporter of women in tech and of course women in mobility, and has found her home in a company who are just as passionate about people. In fact, Beryl supported 10,000 free rides for key workers through the pandemic πŸ™Œ.

Top Takeaways
🚲Women in mobility — When you’re are providing a service that is for the general public, and generally about 50% of the general public are women so it’s a good idea to have people who understand what it’s like to be a woman!
🚲Why diversity is key — Your bottom line is improved by having a more diverse business, but it’s also about what is right and moral in business… making sure that it’s open to people from all walks of life, and that should be enough on its own.
🚲 Why Georgia loves mobility — it’s amazing because it’s the intersection of so many other industries — green tech, transport, private sector, public sector. It’s an industry with the potential to really impact the way we live our lives and how we treat the planet…. it’s also fastest growing tech ever!
🚲 What’s changing — A lot! I think now is a really interesting time to be in this industry especially in the UK — there is a real change in the landscape, there is a change in the funding that’s available, and a big change in attitudes towards cycling.
🚲 Considering your next move — “If anyone is thinking about getting into micro mobility now is the time”.. Don’t think ‘I don’t have experience in a micro mobility company’. If micro mobility companies are hiring and they are only looking for that, they’ll be missing out on some serious talent!

A final thought for all companies in mobility, or perhaps just all companies...
Are you representative? Are you providing a service that is really accessible for everyone in the communities that you serve?

Thank you Georgia for sharing your wonderful story. πŸ’š
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