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Women in Mobility — A video interview with Amina Latroche, Strategy & Business Development Manager at CityQ 🛺

Amina was born and raised in Algeria, travelled to Riga to study Computer Science and is now based in Norway where she is tackling Nordic urban mobility challenges! She’s a passionate entrepreneur with the a can-do approach to work and life, a kind nature, and a thirst for learning… what a combo! It’s safe to say CityQ are lucky to have her, and that’s their words not mine! 🙌

Top takeaways

🛺 Amina is a huge believer in sustainable development — she’s on a mission to bring others with her on the journey to improve living standards whilst protecting our planet. Fortunately, so are CityQ!

🛺 Cycling is for life, not just for summer! 😎

🛺 Diversity improves collective performance and catalyses breakthroughs… “when more people get in the race, more record will be broken” — never a truer word spoken Sheryl Sandberg.

🛺 The mobility industry is so exciting, if you considering a career in it, go for it! It’s ever evolving, drives creativity, supports changes in society, inspires sustainability and allows you to make an impact on the World!

Thank you Amina — you are an inspiration! We love your story… 💚

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