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Women in Mobility — interview with Angela Hultberg, Head of Sustainable Mobility for Ingka Group (IKEA) 🚛

Angela’s focus in on making mobility more sustainable — “mobility is part of everything we do, there’s no aspect of our business that doesn’t have an element of mobility in it” — goods, deliveries, customers, employees… everything & everyone has to move! 🚌

Top takeaways

🚛 We need diversity in all sectors; it’s really hard to be what you can’t see… unless you can see women in senior positions in this industry it’s really hard to become one!

🚛“I want to make sure that the solutions or products I bring to market, actually work for everyone…. a group of people with different experience will take different approaches and come up with different solutions”.

🚛 Angela started with the mission to make sure mobility is available, affordable and sustainable for all, but more recently added safe to this list — in many parts of the world you risk your life to get on a bus. (take a look at Safr — it’s awesome!)

🚛 Increasing diversity doesn’t happen by accident; it takes a conscious decision to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. It is not just women who need to focus on increasing the number of women, we need to work as one & the industry itself must take responsibility to be more inclusive.

🚛 The industry needs a huge range of skills which must come from a huge range of people, everyone’s uniqueness brings something new to the party! Come and join!!!

Thank you Angela — we love your story, and we just can’t help but bring you into every series we make! ✨

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