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Women in Mobility — A interview with Natalia Tomiyama, Co-Founder of NÜWIEL 🌱

Natalia Tomiyama is the Co-Founder and General Manager of NÜWIEL, an e-trailer business based out of Hamburg. Congratulations are in order for Natalia and her team, who recently closed a round of funding and have a new strategic partner, Eberspächer.

NÜWIEL is developing a sustainable yet efficient solution for last mile delivery. They offer an electric bicycle trailer that can be connected to any bicycle and carry lots of heavy weight without pushing or pulling the bike — it follows the cyclist, accelerates and brakes automatically — genius. Imagine doing this on a bike with a 100kg load in a normal trailer and heading up, or perhaps even worse down, a big hill! 😬

Natalia manages the commercial aspect of the company’s development, and along with her Co-Founder, Fahad Khan, she founded NÜWIEL to solve the major issue of transporting heavy goods in densely populated urban areas like Hamburg, Berlin, Paris & London.

Insights of a female Co-Founder…. 🙌

🌱 Why do we need more female entrepreneurial voices in the sector? We need more female voices to bring diversity, to identify more problems, to have a more complete picture of these challenges and come up with better solutions & ideas. This in turn furthers advancements in sustainability, efficiency & very importantly inclusivity in mobility.

🌱 What’s the best thing about working in mobility? It’s new, it’s growing, it’s techy, it’s customer driven… and of course it’s sustainable!

🌱 What’s coming? The new partnership with Eberspächer takes us to the next level & allows us to scale operations — exciting times!

Natalia’s advice to the next person with a cool idea…

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or future employee in this industry, try to solve the problem & be very customer oriented. There are so many different opportunities in mobility; electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, sharing schemes and city infrastructure. By solving problem you add value to people, companies, cities and the environment.

Natalia and her team are certainly proof that it’s possible to solve a problem and make a huge different! Thanks for sharing your insights! 💚

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