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Women in Mobility Episode 10 - An interview with Jessica Oppetit, UK Country Manager at ViaVan 🚐

Jessica Oppetit, UK Country Manager for ViaVan is entrepreneurial, driven and passionate about increasing diversity in cleantech. She started her career as a Lawyer in Australia, became a Management Consultant, and then after completing her MBA at Harvard Business School cut her tech teeth at Apple in Singapore. In 2017 Via were lucky enough to snap her up in London, and she is certainly making her mark.

ViaVan provide digital infrastructure to power public mobility in cities around the world,. They’ve partnered with more than 100 cities, public transit agencies, transport operators and corporations and provided over 70 million rides. Not back hey!

Jess and I chatted about why we need more female voices in mobility, why it’s such a cool sector to work in, what’s coming next & how to get involved. Want to watch the interview?

The words of an expert…

Mobility should be targeted at everyone, in order to ensure the services we provide and the policies guiding these services are catered to everyone, we need a diverse group of people making these decisions.

What’s amazing about working in mobility?

🚐 The speed of innovation.
🚐 The potential to have real and lasting impact on society.
🚐 The operational complexity in mobility is endless.

The mobility revolution

The transport sector is responsible for 30% of carbon emissions and of that more than 70% of that comes from road usage… we must displace single occupancy vehicles? The solutions… there are many; AVs, shared mobility, EVs, Micromobility, MaaS, congestion charging, that’s just a handful of them.

Want to be a part of the mobility revolution? Here’s Jess’ advice…

🚐 Find something you’re passionate about & proud to do.
🚐 Don’t limit yourself to the shiny things on TechCrunch.
🚐 Do your research and start applying!

“If you’ve ever wanted to get into the mobility sector, there’s never been a more interesting time to do so”.

Jess, we love your approach to the sector and to making mobility relevant & accessible to all!

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