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Women in Mobility — An interview with Joelle Garden, Aerospace Engineer & Delivery Manager at SATAVIA 🛬

Joelle Garden, is an Aerospace Engineer and the Delivery Manager for Cambridge aviation startup SATAVIA. After completing her Masters in Aerospace Engineering, Joelle went straight into industry and after a very successful career in industry, she joined SATAVIA earlier this year.

Joelle is a science fiction geek with a brilliant imagination which inspired her to join the sector, and to work on the science of the future. Joelle grew up on three different continents and travelled a lot, so working in aerospace seems very fitting!

SATAVIA offers digital environmental intelligence to make aviation smarter and greener. DECISIONX enables airline companies, aerospace OEMs and MROs to reduce aviation’s impact on climate, to monitor aircraft condition more effectively while optimising engine performance, and to reduce the contribution of aircraft contrail formation to global warming. 🛬

A sneak peek into our chat…

Why do we need more women in mobility?

Everybody uses mobility, everybody flies or drives cars yet such a small proportion of women are designers and contributors to these industries.

What difference can a diverse workforce make?

Both gender balance, and the balance of people from all walks of life allow different conversations to happen and different ideas to come together. A greater mix of people creates the environment where we could produce something completely new and make a really big impact on problems like sustainability.

Why is startup life so amazing?

“I love the fact that there is a huge mix of different disciplines that have come together to produce something that is actually of great value”.

Thanks Joelle — It’s amazing to see how much you love what you do, and how you are driving change in the industry. 🙌

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