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Women in Mobility — An interview with Dana Taylor, Digital & Customer Lead at Zoom EV 🚗

Dana Taylor is the Digital and Customer Lead for super cool startup Zoom EV! She just moved back from Australia to sunny Leeds, joined a new company and in fact a whole new industry…. safe to say that’s a lot of change, and she’s handling it like a hero.

Zoom’s EV sharing platform is built to enable the flexible use of EVs when and where you need them, rather than owning an idle asset. Their EV benefits aim to make moving to EVs easy and save you even more money. Their fundamental mission is to play a leading role in reducing CO2 emissions and helping to improve air quality on a global scale. Cool hey!

“I just really wanted to work for a purpose-led business, something innovative in the green space.” Well that worked out fairly well… Zoom EV’s mission is to play a leading role in the fight against climate change. In addition to this, Zoom is committed to providing a proportion of its profits towards sustainability projects around the world, including removing plastics from our oceans.

A few snippets from the interview

🚗 Don’t be afraid to step into something totally new… new mobility is changing so much that it doesn’t have the legacy stereotypes of traditional automotive.

🚗 Be prepared to pivot and take advantage of opportunities that arise even if that means tweaking your business or the direction you thought you were headed.

🚗 It always feels great when you’re working with people that have the same values and the same purpose.

Contemplating a career in mobility?

Dana’s advice…. “do it”! Use your time efficiently to do what you love, learn, increase your credibility in the industry, reach out for help and be BRAVE!

Thanks Dana, you are certainly an inspiration to anyone thinking about making a change in their life! Your story is brilliant! ⚡

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