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Women in Mobility — An interview with Jane Hoffer, CEO of GoWithFlow 🚗

Jane Hoffer is an engineer, a successful entrepreneur, a proud supporter of women in technology and the CEO of Portuguese smart mobility startup, GoWithFlow. Jane has just relocated from the USA to Portugal and is loving it!

GoWithFlow’s Sustainable Mobility Management solution manages and optimises the entire mobility and energy lifecycle. It is the first sustainable mobility management platform that provides unified mobility data to companies who are looking to have mobility across their entire ecosystem from their customers to their employees to their movement of goods and services.

Jane’s journey in mobility started a few years ago when she joined a company called Veniam to help with connecting vehicles to the cloud to improve the movement of data from vehicles to the cloud to improve safety in mobility. This led to the opportunity to lead Flow, where her mission is to expand the company’s Sustainable Mobility Management Solutions from its exciting launch in Iberia to a global presence wherever companies are committed to sustainability. Here is a snapshot of our chat…

Women at the table

Jane is a great promoter of women’s entrepreneurship — “when there are women in the room and women at the table, we get a perspective that we wouldn’t otherwise”.

Perspective, the key to success

Mobility is different from different people’s perspective and women in particular, women look at mobility from a different safety lens they look at it from an accessibility lens… this improves the outcome of a plan and vision because it’s more diverse.

As a mother, Jane gets to see things through her children’s eyes too — to get the perspective that maybe we don’t need to own cars if we have better ways to access to different mobility options.

What’s next?

Building Flow as a company that extends beyond Portugal and Spain and to bring the global perspective and take advantage of the mobility movement that we’re in right now...

Career advice from a CEO

Things have changed, these days you need a broad perspective, to join the mobility revolution you don’t have to have a technological background because there are so many different types of positions, from advocacy, to marketing, to engineering, to planning. The industry needs bright minds and curious people.

Jane’s top tips: Build your network, join groups, find mentors, ask questions and seek advice!

Jane, you really are an inspiration, to me and to so many others! We love your story! ⚡

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