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Women in Mobility — An interview with Marianne Costigan, BD at Pivot Power ⚡

Marianna Costigan has been working in Business Development at Pivot Power. Pivot is developing the world’s largest transmission-connected battery storage and electric vehicle charging network. In just under two years Pivot Power went from launch to acquisition with a bold vision to accelerate a clean, electric future. Now as part of EDF Renewables it is turning this vision into reality, and Marianne is very much a part of making this happen!

Why do we need more female voices in the sector?

All industries need diversity of representation, not just in terms of men and women, but across the board — we must be able to understand our customers!

“We have that ability to bring different people & mindsets together”

Why is the sector so great to work in?

💚With cleantech there is a shared passion and purpose
💚It’s an important time to get it right; climate change is upon us & that motivates us all
💚The amazing people of Pivot

Marianne’s advice to the next generation…

Go for it.. jump in & became part of the solution! There’s lots of different ways to get into mobility, it’s not all about working for Tesla. 😉

Be confident; just because it’s new to you, doesn’t mean that you can’t become an expert quickly! It’s a new and ever changing industry, and we need more brilliant people!

Thanks for sharing your brilliant experience with us Marianne. ⚡

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