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Women in Mobility — An interview with Uliana Torkunova, Founder & CEO of LetMePark 🌱

Uliana Torkunova is the Madrid based entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of disruptive mobility startup LetMePark. Uliana is Ukrainian and moved to Madrid to do her MBA and to follow her dream of working in mobility. LetMePark have build the first voice powered virtual parking service which is integrated with the Amazon Alexa. It’s a brand new user experience which is much safer, completely automated, contactless and powered by voice; it’s now as easy as ‘Alexa, let me park’! ⚡

Uliana tells us how she made it to where she is, what’s coming next and how you can make the hop into mobility… here’s a snapshot:

What’s exciting? Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Why is mobility amazing to work in? It’s so dynamic and the tech is advancing so fast!

How can the next generation follow her lead?
⚡ Persistence
⚡ Creativity
⚡ Find somewhere you can make a difference
⚡ Follow your dreams

Uliana is certainly an inspiration to everyone considering becoming an entrepreneur, or wanting to make a difference in cleantech.

Thank you Uliana, your story is amazing, and to everyone reading please check out LetMePark!

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