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Producing Hydrogen Differently with Gérard Gatt, President of Sakowin Green Energy | Season Six, Episode 13

Welcome to Season Six of Conversations in Cleantech! From inspiring stories and words of wisdom to future foresight and the tech from the bleeding edge of cleantech, during this season you can expect to learn all about how pioneering cleantech companies and the leaders at their helm are propelling us towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.In this podcast episode co-hosted by Brightsmith Founder and Director, Jenny Gladman, we are thrilled to be joined by Gérard Gatt, Founder and President of Sakowin Green Energy.
Sakowin is an eco-conscious deeptech company founded in 2017, who have developed a non-thermal plasma process to efficiently break down methane and produce decarbonised hydrogen. 
Gérard’s diverse career journey makes him perfectly placed to talk about both the “clean” and “tech” sides of cleantech.
From co-founding Citrix to now leading Sakowin Green Energy; how his team are key to accelerating progress in a challenging area with unknown scientific frontiers; to his passion for contributing solutions to the energy transition; Gerard shares details and insights into how he is pioneering a different way of producing hydrogen.
01:26 - Introduction to Gerard
05:18 - What inspires you and makes you tick?
06:41 - What do you do to relax and enjoy yourself?
09:50 - What would you hope for the industry in the next seven or eight years?
15:22 - What types of people do you think that we need to be solving the energy transition and taking those leaps forward?
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