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Pursuing Passion in Hydrogen with Edyta Rynkowska, Business Development Director | Season Seven, Episode Two

Welcome to Season Seven of Conversations in Cleantech! 

From inspiring stories and words of wisdom, to financial foresight and investment insights: in this season, you can expect to learn all about the people and companies who are propelling us towards a greener tomorrow, with a spotlight on investing in a cleaner planet.

Join Hetty Lowther and Jenny Gladman for an inspiring and informative conversation with Edyta Rynkowska, a Chief Material Scientist at H-TEC! Edyta shares her remarkable journey, from her passion being ignited by her chemistry teacher in Poland to pursuing a double PhD and leading the charge in the evolving hydrogen industry.

In this episode, you can expect to uncover informative insights thanks to Edyta’s experiences; from the rewarding yet challenging transition from academia to industry, her start-up journey at H-TEC and the important work they’re doing within the hydrogen space, plus how education and mentorship can unlock a more diverse talent pool within the hydrogen industry.

Hetty, Jenny and Edyta also explore what it takes to thrive in the Hydrogen Sector, including the essential skills you need to succeed, the importance of combining technical expertise with soft skills and how fostering relationships and connections can help gain unique perspectives and unlock opportunities.

Finally, in line with our season seven theme, Edyta shares her thoughts on investing in the future of hydrogen, the investment trends she’s seen, and what she believes needs to happen within the sector.

Don't miss this insightful episode as Edyta sheds light on the exciting future of hydrogen and the crucial role we can all play in making it a reality!
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01:33 - Introduction to Edyta

04:52 - Can you share your story of your teachers with us?

08:03 - Since you've come out of academia and into the world of industry, what role have role models and mentors played to you?

09:20 - What advice would you give others who are potentially just getting into Chemistry?

10:22 - How did you find the shift from academia to industry?

12:39 - What was it about hydrogen specifically, that appealed to you?

14:22 - How have you found the startup life?

15:52 - Can you share more about H-TEC and the work you’re doing?

16:53 - What are your thoughts on the German Market and their position in the global hydrogen landscape?

19:01 - What trends have you seen when it comes to investment in the space, and what do you think needs to happen moving forward?

20:34 - How do you think people keep the moment up in the hydrogen market?

23:47 - What skills and knowledge gaps do you think people entering the market should work on?


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