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Fueling the Future with Jessica Elwell, COO at OxEon Energy | Season Seven, Episode Four

From inspiring stories and words of wisdom, to financial foresight and investment insights: in this season, you can expect to learn all about the people and companies who are propelling us towards a greener tomorrow, with a spotlight on investing in a cleaner planet.

Join this episode’s host, Carmen Davis, for a dive into the world of sustainable fuels with Jessica Elwell, the COO who is leading cleantech company OxEon Energy.  Buckle up as we journey from Jessica's unique career path - from Wisconsin to working with NASA - to her current mission of developing clean energy solutions.

As well as her role at OxEon, Jessica is Secretary Board of Directors for the United States Hydrogen Alliance, Board of Governors for 47G, and a founding member of Women Who Succeed - an impressive range of roles!

In their conversation, Carmen and Jessica tackle the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, with Jessica sharing her experiences and the importance of mentorship for aspiring leaders. We then take flight and explore OxEon's innovative technologies for sustainable aviation fuels and space travel propellants (as found onboard the Mars 2020 Rover!).

But innovation isn't a solo mission. The episode emphasises the power of collaboration – Jessica discusses how partnerships, education, and community involvement are crucial for scaling up clean energy production and building a thriving hydrogen economy.

Thinking of getting investment for your cleantech company? Want to know more about funding future tech? This episode is your pre-flight briefing! We explore the latest trends and the skills needed to navigate the exciting – and rapidly evolving – world of hydrogen and clean energy.

00:50 - Introduction to Jessica

02:43 - Can you share more about your background and what sparked your interest in science and technology?

05:01 - What do you think have been some of your defining moments or experiences in your journey that have shaped that career path, and driven your passion around sustainability and innovation?

07:57 - You mentioned transitioning from R&D to entrepreneurship can be quite a leap. So can you tell us about that decision, and some of the challenges and rewards from that?

09:45 - Can you tell us about mentorship throughout your career?

13:04 - In terms of being a leader in a more male-dominated field, how have you faced some of those unique challenges or barriers along your journey?

15:54 - What advice would you have for other women aspiring to break into these STEM fields?

18:06 - One of OxEon’s claims to fame involves Martian propellant production and breathable oxygen, making your team the first ever to produce a useful commodity off the face of the Earth. Tell us about the challenges and triumphs involved in that milestone.

22:15 - You mentioned you have been working on a project with the Navy regarding jet fuel production, can you provide a little bit of insight into this?

25:23 - What are your main priorities in scaling up operations and navigating the intricacies of product development, compliance and customer acquisition?

27:46 - Could you discuss the role of venture capital and strategic partnerships in advancing the shared vision - especially considering regulatory challenges?

30:26 - What would you say are some of the larger trends you've seen across investment within the hydrogen and green gas sector?

31:51 - What do you think we can do as a collective to keep the momentum for the sector and encourage funding, both public and private?

34:28 - What advice would you give to others considering careers in the sector and where could they find mentors?

36:25 - What skills and knowledge do you think are essential for success in this rapidly evolving field?

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