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Forging a Cleaner Future through Green Nitrogen with Linda Thrasher, President & Co-Founder at Greenfield Nitrogen | Season Seven, Episode Eight

From inspiring stories and words of wisdom, to financial foresight and investment insights: in this season, you can expect to learn all about the people and companies who are propelling us towards a greener tomorrow, with a spotlight on investing in a cleaner planet.

Hosted by Carmen Davis, in this episode, we hear from Linda Thrasher, who is blazing a trail in sustainable agriculture and clean tech.

Linda Thrasher's journey is as inspiring as it is unconventional: from the hallowed halls of law school to the gritty frontlines of male-dominated industries, she has shattered glass ceilings with her unwavering determination and visionary leadership.

In this episode, Linda takes us through her career journey, from her Founding Executive role at agriculture giants like Mosaic to her groundbreaking co-founding of Greenfield Nitrogen. Brace yourself as she pulls back the curtain on the challenges she faced as a woman in a man's world, and how she overcame them with grit, grace, and an unwavering belief in the power of diversity.

From the vast potential of green ammonia in agriculture, shipping, and beyond, to the details of risk tolerance, policy pieces and investor timelines, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone passionate about sustainability, entrepreneurship, and forging a greener future for us all.

00:50 - Introduction to Linda

01:27 - Can we start with a bit more about your career journey from starting out in law school on Capitol Hill, to becoming the Founding Executive at the Mosaic Company and then eventually co-founding Greenfield Nitrogen?

03:24 - How have you navigated the twists and turns of your career?

05:20 - As a female entrepreneur in the clean tech sector, what challenges have you faced and overcome throughout your career? And how have these experiences shaped your approach to business and leadership?

07:08 - Could tell us more about Greenfield Nitrogen and its mission? 

11:56 - How do you think you integrate community involvement and promoting education for girls and women into the work at Greenfield Nitrogen? 

14:40 - I'd love for you to touch upon your experience navigating Capitol Hill and the policy piece, and how that interplays with your role now?

18:53 - How is this world expanding, and what do you think the future might hold for this sector?

21:57 - What are your thoughts around investment in clean tech and what part it plays?

26:07 - Could you share some insights around the market dynamics and potential opportunities for low-carbon ammonia?

30:10 - What advice would you give to individuals aspiring to enter this sector? Or pursue entrepreneurship, especially coming from the backgrounds of law and policy?

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