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Scaling Up in Cleantech with Raj Patel, CFO of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions | Season Seven, Episode Nine

Welcome to Season Seven of Conversations in Cleantech! 


From inspiring stories and words of wisdom, to financial foresight and investment insights: in this season, you can expect to learn all about the people and companies who are propelling us towards a greener tomorrow, with a spotlight on investing in a cleaner planet.


This episode dives deep into the challenges and strategies for scaling cleantech startups, featuring Raj Patel, CFO of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions (EVCS), alongside host Ben Sparks.


After success in traditional finance, Raj was drawn to the impact potential of climate solutions. His current role as CFO at EVCS, a company building essential charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, allows him to directly contribute to the clean energy transition.

The cleantech revolution is here, but scaling a startup in this exciting space comes with its own set of challenges. In this episode, Raj explores strategies for navigating these hurdles and achieving sustainable growth, as well as focusing on building a strong, communicative team and understanding the industry's unique language.


This episode is packed with insights – from navigating the EV charging ecosystem to aligning with investors. Tune in and supercharge your cleantech journey!


00:48 - Introduction to Raj

03:30 - Can you elaborate on how your current role at EVCS allows you to fulfil your purpose?

05:48 - Did you have any concerns when leaving finance and coming into the cleantech sector? 

06:55 - Is there something specific about EVCS approach that contributes significantly to a more sustainable energy future?

08:26 - What sets EVCS apart and makes a real difference in that world?

09:14 - Is focus on uptime a recent shift you've observed in the industry, or has it always been a critical factor?

10:03 - As you look back over your career, what have been some of the stretch moments where you've really made the jump?

13:15 - Thinking about your own career moves, has finding a strong team to navigate challenges been a significant factor in your decision-making process?
15:03 - To give everyone a better understanding of your role, could you walk us through a typical day at EVCS?

17:19 - What are some key qualities you look for in team members who can thrive in this dynamic environment and contribute effectively when urgent situations arise?

19:00 - As more individuals transition from traditional sectors, what key areas of coaching would you recommend for a first-time CFO?
21:43 - Can you elaborate on some specific strategies you used to get up to speed quickly and ensure your contributions were most valuable to the team?
23:44 - Are there any specific headwinds that you believe investors are wary of when considering investment in the cleantech sector?

28:01 - What key actions can first-time cleantech founders take to stand out and become attractive investment opportunities?

28:25 - What excites you most about the future of EVCS and the EV charging market?

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