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Women in Mobility — A video interview with Yasmine Fage, Co-Founder & COO of Goggo Network ✨

Yasmine Fage is the Co-founder and COO of Goggo Network, an autonomous mobility company focused on the European market. She lives in Madrid and manages the company which has teams in Paris, Berlin and Madrid.

“Autonomous cars will not be just cars, they will be networks. At Goggo Network we are working on developing the legal and engineering framework of the European autonomous mobility networks of the next decades.”
Before founding Goggo, she was Associate Partner in the New York office of McKinsey where she worked in innovation and public sector and before that she worked in Investment Banking in London.
She loves working at the intersection between corporates and public sector and having the ability to impact society, the way people move and their daily life. There is a mobility revolution underway and Yasmine is very much a driving force…

Top Takeaways
✨ Why do we need more entrepreneurial female voices in mobility? Balance is good and women bring different rent perspectives — you need diverse thinking to find the best answers to any problems!
✨ The mobility problem — I think an interesting problem to crack because the way people move today doesn’t make sense! A huge box of metal with one person in it polluting the air! The next step — how do we make a fluid and logical system where people can actually enjoy traveling, travel when it makes sense, care for the environment and the harmony of a city?
✨ What’s coming soon? Helpful logistics use cases with autonomous driving, dedicated lanes for high speed transit buses, better way of solving the last mile delivery problem with AV.
✨ Want to solve the next big problem? There are so many ways you can dot it… You could be a mechanical engineer, a software engineer, you can work in the business side, with regulators.. actually there’s no limit to what you can do because it’s one of the biggest problems of the next generation.
✨ Yasmine’s advice to the next generation — “Look for something that you feel passionate about & ask for advice — it’s a neat community that needs a lot of talent!”

Thanks Yasmine, for sharing your fascinating story and for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible! 💚
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